Why Does My Dog Smell

Anybody who is living with a dog knows that the dogs smell.

Of course, it isn’t a problem, but for pet owners who are accustomed only to the scent of the freshly bathed people, the smell might be a bit overwhelming.

Add to the scent traces that your dog leaves behind on your carpet, furniture, car’s back seat, clothes, and so on.

What to Know about the Body of Your Dog?

Dogs do not sweat like people do. They do not have liquid perspiration, which seeps from the pores as well as rolls off their skin in a way people do. However, dogs that perspire from paws and they emit a bit of perspiration from the hair follicles that have a chemical scent that’s individual to dogs. Every dog might smell same to other people, yet they do not smell same to one another. They produce oil, which is an essential part of healthy hair and skin that has its scent marker.

Things could get unpleasant when small critters like fungus and bacteria move in or when the systems of the body do not function as they should be. For instance, several dogs are susceptible to some ear infections. Typically, it affects dogs that have lots of hair in ear or dogs that with floppy ears, yet any dog might suffer from ear infections. Ear infections could smell pungent to decaying, which depends on severity.

Why Does My Dog Smell

There are also anal sacs, which are referred to as scent glands that typically do their work quietly. Anal sacs that are healthy will release a particular amount of secretion during the defecation. These have strong musky odor, yet this odor is normally for the advantage of some dogs. This scent is specific to every dog and part of the process they utilize to determine one another. However, there are times that anal sacs will unable to drain and be blocked. Once it happens, glands might be painful and swollen for the dog who could respond by licking and biting the anus excessively, which exposes the glands to infection and abscess. It’ll require a visit to the vet for treatment and draining.

Some abnormal conditions that could cause malodors are actually the skin infections that are frequently found to affect the dogs with overlapping skin folds, yet could affect any dog. They could happen because of skin irritation including what happens if the skin folds are deep as well as retain too much microorganisms and moisture or from an excessive scratching because of skin allergies. Your dog might be making more oil due to skin irritation.

Dental infections that could cause a decaying, rotten smell from rotting and infected tissue in the mouth are a source of bad smell. Just as people do, the dogs have flatulence or intestinal gas. Some gas is actually normal, yet if you find that the gas of your dog smells unnatural, you might like to talk to your vet about the intestinal health and take a look at what dog is eating that might be causing smelly gas.

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