Why Do Dogs Like to Play Fetch?

Playing fetch with your dogs a widely done activity among humans with the patience and dedication of taming and petting dogs.

Fetching is one of those activities that you have with your dog as an exercise, create a rapport between the two of you as well as for that creation of adrenaline rush for both of you.

All types of dogs from German shepherd, Poodle, Beagle, Pug, Rottweiler, Yorkshire terrier and especially Golden Retrievers love to play fetch if they are not eating or begging for attention.

So why really do dogs find this exhaustive game of fetching pretty much favorable?

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It’s an Instinct of the Dogs

When human beings were set to domesticate dogs, they had the sole purpose of being friends and helpers to the human families.

Only the best of these creatures with the adorned abilities to perform the much needed tasks were left for breeding and to provide a generation of dogs that is well equipped with the same or better.

Dogs are believed to have been tamed and bed specifically to act as helpers of humans which include retrieving stuff for them.

This may give the reason as to why they still have that in-built instinct to chase objects and pick up stuff and objects for their masters who are humans.

Dogs Feel Good When They Play Fetch

When an activity is familiar, it gets you hooked from the start and gives you a chance to portray your capabilities. This is why fetch game makes the dog feel connected in a way that is familiar.

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Fetch game get the dogs up and running even when they are very tired or even hungry. Fetching at the end of the day is self-reinforcing for your dog.

Fetching Is a Form of Exercise

I don’t know if it’s only me but I believe that the best kinds of dogs are those that you can run with in the park or on your long walks. Fetching makes the dogs fit with sharp instincts to run for action in case there is a need for it or just for fun.

A fit dog, just like humans will live long and provides less vet visits to the owner.

Quality Time Between You and Your Dog

That connection and bonding between the dog and the human owner is a feel good feeling for the dog and it is made even more fun and enjoyable with the game of fetch.

Quality time makes you understand your dog at a personal level in a way that you will be able to take care of it well.

Playfully engaging your dog also gives the dog a chance to know you from their own view and understand you.


Dogs like to run and for them, fetching makes running fun.

Playing fetch with your dogs makes them happy and fulfilled besides ensuring quality and productive time is spend with each other.

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