Types Of Dog Breeds

Dogs are and will always be man’s best friend.

In fact, these furry companions are simply like no other. Whether you are planning to get your first pet dog, or you want to add a new member to your existing pack, it is important to make yourself familiar with the different types of dog breeds that you can find today.

Different Types of Dogs

Before anything else, do you know what a dog breed is? Seriously, what does a dog breed mean? There are some who will say it depends on how they look, just like how you identify a Poodle when you see one. There are also people who say it is all about genetics because these canines are being bred selectively and it shows up in the DNA. Others will say it completely depends on whether their ancestors are part of the dusty old list originally written down during the Victorian era or not.

Dog Breeding: A Brief History

Dog breeds have existed for many centuries. Although early humans were assumed to be satisfied with owning domesticated canines that looked almost the same with their wolf ancestors living in the wild, especially since it was impossible to interview them, at one point or another, people have come to realize that they can selectively breed their dogs to make them much better in doing specific jobs. The realization simply happened to overlap with the start of some of Asia and Europe’s major civilizations when farming rose to become a big deal.

During the Victorian Era of British history in 1837 to 1901, people became more interested as to how dogs looked. These Brits recalled how people made use of selective breeding to create dogs which were good pullers of wheelbarrows and good shepherds. They collectively looked around on an afternoon while sipping tea and the idea of making canines look pretty popped into mind.

It was the era when the world by swept away by “dog fancy.” What is dog fancy, anyway? This is the hobby of breeding, promoting, and appreciating dogs. During the Victorian era, people started to breed dogs to accentuate specific physical features. Those who like particular dog breeds started to form standards that will be used for judging all the dogs belonging in that breed.

This remains in full force up to this day. Turn the TV on Thanksgiving and watch the American National Dog Show wherein dog owners bring their pets to be judged based on the American Kennel Club’s standards.

What is the Exact Number of Dog Breeds in the World?

There is no single organization which decides the exact number of dog breeds that the world has today, although there is one which comes close. This is the FCI or Fédération Cynologique Internationale or in English, it is simply World Canine Organization.

It was in 1911 when the FCI was founded, with the main objective of exchanging of details between kennel clubs in various countries. Right now, the FCI is made of 84 countries as members, wherein one kennel club represents every country.

As of the time of writing, a total of 332 dog breeds have been recognized by the FCI with the extra 11 provisional breeds. This is completely different from American Kennel Club that recognizes just 187 breeds right now.

But the question still remains – how many dog breeds are really there? So far, 332 is the safest number because this is the number that most of the kennel clubs in the world currently recognize. But, the more complicated and accurate answer is that it will depend on the way you define a specific dog breed. Although the qualifications of a dog breed are strictly standardized by the kennel clubs, such standards could still vary depending on the specific club you will deal with.

Popular Dog Breeds

There are a lot of ambiguous dog breeds that you can find today, but there are some which top the lost more than the rest. These specific dog breeds are extremely popular that almost all people around the world have already heard of or seen them, or even live with them. The truth is, when you ask a person to conjure an image of a dog in their mind, there is a chance that it will be any of those famous breeds.

The most popular breeds in the world could be easily found in homes, dog shows, and some are even hard workers in various types of fields. Check out some of the most well-known dog breeds out there right now together with the reasons behind their fame.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

An all-time favorite companion of families, the good natured Labrador Retrievers remain to be a favorite among dog owners. The breed is good natured with a pack mentality. Labrador Retrievers are known to originally come from Canada where they were breed for catching fish.

German Shepherd

Intelligent, fearless, and proud are some of the known traits of German Shepherd. These athletic dogs are at their happiest every time they are given some tasks to do and they have no inclination to be couch potatoes at all. This is why it is not a big surprise that they fit right into the military and police forces, while others serve as seeing-eye dogs.


Popular for their half-bark, half-bowl beagles bay, these playful canines have around since the time of Romans. They are also regarded as among the world’s cutest dogs. This playful and fun pooch can be recognized right away with their coat of three colors and excessive amount of energy which doesn’t let up.

Golden Retriever

Who will not fall in love with these gentle creatures? Golden Retrievers love playtime, water, and people. The breed is a true darling of the crowd and is ideally suitable as rescuers, narcotics detectors, and emotional therapy dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

Adorable and small, the Yorkshire Terrier is a famous Terrier dog ideal for people suffering from allergies. While their coat is not hypoallergenic, it has lesser tendency to shed. Yorkshire Terriers are extremely active pups that are also easy to train although they can be loud and rambunctious as well.


These small and laidback canines are characterized by their large and muscular jaws. Originally, they were bred for driving cattle to the markets. Taught to go low close to the ground, bulldogs also served as bull bait back in the 1500s. These days, they have become trusted family members due to their tenacity and fearlessness.


With their name taken from puddeln, a German term which means to splash in water, curly haired poodles lost majority of their hunting and swimming prowess during the ancient times. Right now, they are among the friendliest, most active, and intelligent canines in the world.


Known for their nickname Peter Pan because of their childish countenance and playfulness, Boxers require 2 to 3 years before they finally act as adults. Their name was due to the funny way of imitating boxing movements with their front paws. The loyal and protective traits of Boxers make them ideal family companions.


The exceptional shape of this very lovable pooch will make you imagine hot dogs, and this is among the reasons behind their fame. Their short feet and webbed paws make it easy for them to dig and they are rightfully a part of the hound family.


The Rott or Rottie may look ferocious, fearless, and strong. But, a closer look at their eyes will make you see a loving, courageous, and calm companion which shows loyalty to the owner until the very end. Unfortunately, misconceptions made by Hollywood flicks have given a bad reputation to these canines.

Smartest Dog Breeds

Dog undergo training

You might be surprise with the smartest dog breeds. These top canines all have two common qualities – the ability of learning new commands quickly and the obedience of performing these 95 percent or higher of the time. Although not all dogs can be included in this list, the latest studies revealed that many dogs are actually much smarter than what people ever knew.

Border Collie

No list of the world’s smartest dog breeds will ever be complete if this handsome pooch is not included. Originally called the Scotch sheep dog, Border Collies come from the highland border of Scotland and England.

Bred to have an independent way of thinking even when away from the human shepherds, Border Collies have a problem-solving wit and strong drive to work and maintain control over the flock.


All Poodle varieties, including Toy, Miniature, and Standard, are extremely intelligent canines that are very eager to please. It is also quick for them to pick up any training. Never be fooled by those fancy hairdos since this breed is even tempered, easy to maintain, and can give you loads of fun during training.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers might not necessarily be the smartest dogs yet they have such a dedication to their owners and an eagerness to please. Due to this, they’re one of the easily trained dogs for the reason that they are forgiving of the mistakes of their owners and love learning some new behaviors.

German Shepherds

The modern German Shepherds were standardized in 1889 by Captain Max von Stephanitz, a breeder, with a goal of intelligence and utility. The need for herding dogs decreased as Germany modernized. For this reason, Stephanitz worked with dog and police clubs to develop a set of obedience and protection tests, which are referred to as Schutzhund.


Majority of the toy breeds are difficult and stubborn to work with, yet Papillon is a hidden gem. Such dogs are eager to please, intelligent, and active dogs that enjoy learning some new behaviors and do well in different dog sports.

Labrador Retrievers

These dogs are the most favorite in America. Labrador Retrievers definitely offers dog owners lots of things to think about. They are fun-loving, sweet dogs that want nothing more than keeping their owner’s happy and easy to train.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The larger and older of Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis are independent, strong-willed herding dogs, but are sensitive and intelligent to their owners. They also enjoy learning new behaviors, so house manners and basic obedience must be a breeze.

What Are The Best Dog for Family

girl with dog
Girl with dog

Dogs are no doubt selfless guards. They’re always ready to protect their masters from threats, even if it requires putting their lives at risk. Therefore, if you have some security concerns in your home, finding the best family dog is definitely a smart move.

Below are some of the best dogs for your family:

Airedale Terriers – These dogs are fine guardians for every family out there. They’re loyal and in the US, Belgium, and Britain, Airedale terriers have been used as police dogs. So, like most dogs, they need daily exercise.

Saint Bernard – In spite of its gentle spirit, Saint Bernard is awesomely strong, very powerful and smart. It will never waver in its devotion to protect you and your family from various threats as it is loyal. It also loves being around with children. But, Saint Bernard has a downside. When compared to other dogs, it drools slightly. However, if you could tolerate drooling, you must be fine with the dogs. You should give your dog lots of roaming space and socialize it because Saint Bernard hates being restricted and kept all alone.

Boxer – This dog breed is friendly and known for its high energy. That is the reason why it is perfect for families who have older kids that are active. Even if these dogs are not large, they can be a powerful protection machine when facing threats. Boxers are also intelligent, making them easy to train. But, these dogs might sometimes attack little children if they feel abused or threatened.

Bernese Mountain Dogs – These dogs are perfect for those who have kids. They can deter criminals from entering your house. But, they are actually gentle, yet their big size may be off-putting. They have to brushed and trained daily.

What Kind of Dog Should I Get?

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs may come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and show a variety of temperaments. According to studies, the kind of dog breed you choose will tell a lot about your own personality. The following some generalizations regarding what owning a particular breed says regarding your personality.

So, how similar Dog Personality is to your own personality?

Bulldogs – These are dogs who are persistent, determined, and don’t give up easily. People who own a bulldog are said to be silly and enjoy laughing and may be viewed as stubborn sometimes. They are also methodical and efficient when completing tasks. While they might be intimidating, bulldogs are actually loving and gentle members of the family that’s known for being hopeless romantic with sentimental streaks.

Terriers – They are playful, fun loving, and energetic companions. People who have terriers are said to be more flexible and can focus on tasks at hand. Just like dogs, owners of terriers are brave, competitive, and feisty. They also have a sense of humor and very talkative.

Beagles – These dogs are willing to learn some new things, loyal, and inquisitive. Those who own beagles tend to be curious, willful, and open to new experiences. Owners of beagles also make good friends and bring joy and laughter to everyone. They also have a mischievous side.

Golden Retrievers and Labradors – These breeds of dog are good-natured, make great family pets, and very friendly. People who own these dogs always put their families first and said to be carefree and easy going. Golden retrievers and Labradors are also known for loving the outdoors and having active lifestyle. Those who own such breeds are basically social butterflies who are lovable and honest.

Boxers – They are busy dogs, which exude high amount of energy. People who own boxers are known to live life to the fullest and known to be very playful. Owners of Bxers love life, always busy, and welcome strangers as their new friends quickly. Boxers can also help you get rid of your stress with their playful and silly demeanor and their owners are happy-go-lucky people.

Toy Breeds, Chihuahuas, and Poodles – People who own these dog breeds are loyal, fun loving, and sincere. Toy breed owners love to travel since small dogs can be great travel partners and may be put easily to a carrier. Dog owners also take pride in their appearance, keep orderly homes, and very neat. They’re also versatile and may enjoy evenings in with just a bottle of wine or having a night out partying across the town.

Cocker Spaniels – These dogs are gentle, respectful, and sweet. If you own this breed, it means that you are affectionate, trustworthy, and charming. The owners of this dog breed are said to have busy lives, yet spend more time with their family. They also have a group of close friends that they prefer to spend their quality time with rather than with strangers.

Dachshunds – They are brave and stubborn, which often act as if invincible. If Dachshunds owners like something, they do not give easily and will do their best to achieve their goals. Owners of this dog love gardening and may sometimes be bossy. They also do not like getting their own way.

German Shepherds – Sometimes, they shy around strangers, yet warm up once they get to know you. Those who own German Shepherds will do anything for their friends and make loyal companions who are protective to their loved ones.

Rottweilers – They are widely known for being intense and very determined. This dog breed commands a particular amount of respect and considered to be a courage dog breed. People who own Rottweilers are loyal and confident and devoted to their loved ones and friends. They’re laid back, yet react quickly if somebody rubs them in the wrong way.

Pugs – They are considered as the class clowns of canine species. People who are living with pugs have a zest to live life to the fullest and very cheerful. Just like the pugs who would do anything for good belly rubs, their owners love frequent massages and some days pampering at any spa.

Australian Shepherds – These dogs are very active and enjoy being outside. People who own this dog breed love playing Frisbee at the beach, camping outdoors, and going to the park. This dog has also a passion to live life to the fullest and those who own one of these dogs are said to have lots of friends. Owners of these dogs can also be competitive, particularly in terms of a sports match.

Bichon Frises – Individuals who own these dogs enjoy being pampered. They are also considerate of their looks. Bichons are sociable by nature and happiest when they’re part of a group of family or friends. Owners of these dogs gravitate towards classy lifestyle and are self-assured. More often than not, they are art aficionados and wine connoisseurs who love dining at four-star restaurants and seen across the town.

Great Danes – People who own Great Danes are responsible and good-hearted. They also tend to work hard as well as put 100% on everything they do. They are also updated on the current events and news and welcome the opportunity to debate important problems with others. This dog breed also tends to be serious and loves relaxing around the house after their work is done.

Siberian Huskies – Owners of Siberian Huskies are big sports fans. Whether it is college basketball or Monday Night Football, it is likely they’re out watching games somewhere or within your home. Owners of these dogs enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and outdoor activities. They are welcoming to the strangers, lovable, and strong willed.

Not all dogs are the same. There are some who are best suited for your personality and there are others who are perfect to your family’s needs. So, make sure to choose the right one that’s best for you to avoid any problems in the future.

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