10 True Facts You Must Know about Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world, and this is simply because aside from their physical beauty, Golden Retrievers are also great family dogs.

A Golden Retriever can get along well with pretty much anyone. Fun and playful, affectionate and sweet, these canines are loyal to their very core, making your life with them even more enjoyable. They are wonderful animals, and millions of owners cannot get over that this dog can make a family feel much more complete.

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Golden Retrievers are intelligent and patient, fun and beautiful, and they love to be active. It means that all members of the family will get to be a bit healthier than before because when you have a Golden Retriever around, there is a chance that you will be spending more time outdoors.

If you are planning to add a Golden Retriever to your family, there are 10 important fun facts you have to know about this particular dog breed.

Real Name of Golden Retrievers

If someone tells you that these dogs were not originally called Golden Retriever, would you believe it? The change was made since their original name didn’t sound that good. In case you don’t know it yet, Golden Retrievers were initially referred to as Golden Flat Coat. You will surely agree that this name sounds more like a kind of paint and not a dog breed. This is why someone decided to alter the name. While it was not really the exact reason they decided to alter the name, you know what it means.

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A Golden Retriever Became a First Dog

It is always fun when dog breeds have their own First Dog. During his time as president, President Ford owned a Golden Retriever in the White House. His dog was appropriately named Liberty. She was also a fan favorite when President Ford was in the office. She also had her litter of puppies in the White House.

The Man Responsible for the Creation of Golden Retriever

Lord Tweedmouth was the man who created the breed. Lord Tweedmouth decided to breed two canines sometime around mid to late 1800s, with one of the breeds already extinct today. This paved way to the development of the Golden Retriever. This particular dog originally came from Scotland.

Golden Retrievers Were Not Recognized Immediately

Even though these dogs were first brought to the country many years ago, it was only in 1925 when the American Kennel Club finally recognized the breed. People have fallen in love with the breed right from the beginning but it didn’t change the fact that the breed still didn’t gain an official recognition for a long time. The AKC was the one to blame here, and not really the people because it was out of their control.

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This Breed is Very Popular

The American Kennel Club states that the Golden Retriever bags the third spot when it comes to the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is because they are well-behaved, easy, and very friendly. A dog with this physical appeal, has a lot to offer, and with much common sense is something that many people love and it’s a breed that’s no different. People love Golden Retrievers and the reason behind it is that this dog is worth adoring.

Golden Retrievers Are Popular Assistance Dogs

It’s not surprising to see these dogs leading the blind and helping the ones who need assistance. These are the dogs that are popular for this line of work for the reason that they’re so smart. They pick up on some things quickly, smart, and loyal, so you know that they’re going to be the dogs that will do work with honor. The physicality and intelligence of these dogs were made when they’re hunting dogs, yet they’re the same features that make them wonderful help dogs as well.

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These Dogs Are Very Obedient

AKC or American Kennel Club honors and recognizes dogs all the time and known for being the first 3 dogs that were recognized for their obedience in dog shows were actually Golden retrievers. It isn’t a huge surprise. These are good dogs that have an eager to please personality, have sense of accomplishment, and very intelligent. It only means that these dogs make great pets and they’re very obedient when they’re taught and trained properly.

Golden Retrievers Are Smart Dogs

Golden Retrievers and other dogs are very intelligent by nature. However, this dog breed is considered as one of the most intelligent. As a matter of fact, it gets the record to be the 4th smartest dog breed, which a huge accomplishment and speaks highly to the fact that such dogs are popular with families. Golden Retrievers are also easy to train and very affectionate. They are also well-behaved since they are good animals with a keen sense of intelligence.

Golden Retrievers Were Once Bred as Hunting Dogs

Did you know that Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs in the past? It isn’t a fact that a lot of people know, yet it’s where this dog breed gets the portion of its name. It is also a breed that isn’t used commonly for its original purpose, yet it is okay considering the fact that a lot of people have Golden Retrievers more so as pets.

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Have a Powerful Sense of Smell

This dog breed has a good nose and you have no clue on how good its nose is. It is considered to be one of the best in the world of dogs and that is for a reason. These dogs can smell almost about anywhere, anything, and any time. As mentioned earlier, it was originally a hunting dog and having a good sense of smell is one of the traits that hunting dogs need, so it only makes sense that they’d be able to smell about anything any time.

There are other interesting facts about Golden Retrievers. That is why many people love everything about Golden Retrievers.

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