How to Socialize Your Aggressive Dog

Most dogs born in the wild are brought up in packs. Through interacting with canines, learning body language and learning of the verbal cues a dog starts getting associated with humans. In cases of the domestic dogs, they begin the process of interaction from their litter and once they join the man’s family life interaction begins. Below are a few tricks that help at training your dog to socialize with humans.

Dog Separation from its Litter

When training your dog on interaction with humans, the very first step is separating the young puppy from its litter before it hits the age of 8 weeks. Before it gets to eight weeks of age, a puppy participates in fights, dog play, and also interacts with fellow siblings and the mother. A dog also adapts the art to live along with other dogs before the eight weeks so one can try and allow the puppy to live in humans’ environment for it helps it to develop socializing skills. The unsocialized dogs and puppies have a very high likelihood to be aggressive at some point in life as per a study carried out by a school of veterinary medicine known as the Cummings.

Visits to dog parks

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In cases where you might have an adult of a dog above the age of 8 weeks but still not socialized, you should try other methods of socialization with leased parks being a perfect example.  It can also apply in cases of already socialized dogs that need some refreshment. At the park, your dog shall have opportunity to meet, dog play and fight with many types of dogs. You can also introduce your dog to other dog owners present at the park as a way of getting it more close to humans. A dog park majorly helps to befriend a dog because it meets people of different sizes, appearances, and shapes and hence won’t become alarmed if they get into encounters with more new people. This could be a very ideal place to socialize a dog.

Visits to the supply store with your dog

Most people might take this as a difficult task to take their dog with them to the pet supply stores. While at the store your dog shall be exposed to different smells, meet new dogs and their owners hence reducing its anxiety when it gets into environments with people as a result of previous exposure.

Dog classes

Involvement in some few sessions of boot camp actions is worth it to help familiarize your dog with the outside world. You can inquire for some dog training sessions from your trusted and qualified veterinary of dog security firm personnel. While at the dog training classes your dog gets a perfect place to meet more dogs and people with a similar objective and in a well monitored and safe area in cases of any emergencies that might happen as a result of aggressiveness from the dogs.

How to Socialize a Dog With Humans

Offer occasional Treats

Dogs are also animals with brains and so being useful to them helps them to remember the deeds. Any reasoning creature in this world can do anything for a treat, and so dogs do. Whenever your dog does a successful interaction act with another dog or a human, you should give it an encouragement treat in the form of an enticement meal or even actions such as rubbing its fur. Gifts encourage dogs at boosting their positive social behaviors.

Time or limits your dog’s socialization time

Just as humans get bored of having too much time together with fellow friends even dogs do and one should keenly monitor the tactics he or she uses to socialize a dog. Ensure that the periods of interaction are long but not to a point whereby the dog starts to learn the sensitive traits of the humans around it.

Introducing exercises to the dog

Once your dog starts getting friendly to human, you can try some bit of exercise sessions to the animal. Always ensure you do what is fit for it and do not overdo it. Be keen to know some signs of discomfort such as yawning, panting excessively, dropping its tail between its legs and sleeping resting its mouth on the ground. It is during these exercise lessons that the dog shall interact more with you as a human and hence feel more close and comfortable for it sees you as part of its life.

Stop dog tugging as you walk

When having a walk with your dog and you come across another dog you should try as much as you can not to jerk on the lead or even shouting/yelling at your dog. These acts create a very negative impression of the other dog towards your dog. Instead, try to draw away the attention of your dog from the other dog with something like a toy, another treat or even playing with it. You can train him a solid command “WATCH ME” and whenever he or she obeys give him a gift to make him learn the control quickly.

Always ignore the unwanted behaviors

There are cases when a dog might run away from you after doing something wrong or even while playing with you. Do not go calling out the dogs name from his litter.  Instead, ignore the acts and do something that the dog shall see and persuade him to come out. Such actions include throwing his toys to him or even serving his best snacks. Dogs are social and inquisitive animals and so being all on their own shall make them bored and come to you.


Dogs can be reared for different purposes. One can keep them at home as a pet or can be kept for the purposes of security enhancement. They can alarm you in case of any intruders in your premises. In any attempts to socialize a dog, you should consider your sole reason for keeping the dog because if it is for security enhancement you should limit how social the dog get.

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