Rottweilers: A True Family Dog

Popularly known and reputable as guard dogs, Rottweilers tend to be big softies who enjoy family life. These breeds can be a great family dog and one of the most favorite dog breeds in the US. However, if your place is small, you might want to choose dachshund instead.

Needs of Rottweilers

These are powerful dogs, which require lots of space to exercise and play. While it isn’t a breed with high energy, Rottweilers aren’t content to lounge all day. These dogs are suited best to a home with lots of secure outdoor space and many things to do. They need training and socialization. In small spaces with little human interaction and guidance, a bored Rottweiler may develop some behavioral problems. Since the coat of these dogs are short, they require less grooming and aren’t high maintenance pet.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Aggression of Rottweilers

AKC or American Kennel Club describes the breed of Rottweilers as a loving and clownish nature. But, these dogs are also protective and loyal of his family. They show wariness of unfamiliar individuals, particularly around home. To get a great start bringing up a great family dog breed, it is essential to pick a puppy from the parents who are friendly and would take care their puppies.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Behavior of Rottweilers

Typically, Rottweilers love the company of kids and some household pets. They tend to be watchful and self-confident, responding to the new stimuli while being cautious instead of being excited. AKC said that the priority of Rottweilers is always their family and they are not the kind of dog to instigate play immediately or interact with other dogs. If made to feel or provoke that their territory or family is threatened, Rottweilers can easily switch from assured to dominant and assertive and calm.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Training of Rottweilers

Rottweilers look for jobs that range from therapy dogs to police dogs due to their willingness to work and intelligence. As family dogs, such traits translate very well and could make for adaptable and obedient pets. But, due to their wish to please, combined with their protective nature, Rottweilers may be thought to be aggressive. It is essential to correct their aggressive behaviors in your dog, so they would grow to be well-mannered and calm dogs. Take your dog to obedience classes at their young age to teach them basic obedience and to make sure he’ll be socialized properly to people and other dogs.

Top Reasons Why Rottweilers Can Be the Perfect Dog Breed for You

Some of you already have an idea about Rottweilers. Yet, what you don’t know is that there is more to Rottweilers than their stereotype guard dog with tough personality. This dog breed has been around ever since the Roman Empire. Although the personality of Rottweilers may seem to be aggressive, these dogs are also sweet.

Loving and loyal, protective, and brave, Rottweilers may be what you are searching for. However, what is true is that a great fit goes both ways. Rottweilers require a certain kind of owner. If you think you can be a rightful owner for Rottweilers, keep these following in mind:

  • You Place High Value on Discipline and Training

Even the cutest dog face cannot con you out when enforcing rules. You always keep your own regimen daily and ready to adopt another family member that requires structure right from day one. You are ready to ignore whining and may be all business until Rottweilers are calm and good. Since you love exercises daily and already have a routine, you need to shift your activity and time to games and walks that work out the energy of this powerful, muscular dog.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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  • You Crave Proximity and Affection

Your love languages are touch and time. Rottweilers like to be near with their owners, with their pays or head in your lap. You aren’t only comfortable with that particular closeness, yet you appreciate it. As Rottweilers follow you from one room to another, it does not get old. You are fond of a dog that while powerful and imposing, love to smuggle.

  • You Are Assertive, Confident, and Calm

You are a kind of person who always takes charge of everything and knows what you like out of life. While self-assured and strong dog could sound like helpful contrast to those that have timid personalities, Rottweilers need to know that their owner is the alpha right from the start. They will challenge uncertainties and may outsmart lesser individuals. They also have strong desire to understand command chains and pecking orders. Luckily, you are not the shy type and show leadership in a consistent manner in your household and you are also the pack’s leader.

  • You Play Long Game

You do not view friends as short-term acquaintances. You are in it for long term and your Rottweilers will not be an exception. Since these dogs will be faithful fiercely and bound to you, you are also willing to go far for them. Whether it is a Rottweiler rescue or puppy, you are prepared for a long term relationship.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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  • You Aren’t a Neat Freak

While you are everything on discipline, your demands do not extend to a house that is overly-immaculate. You are prepared for companions who like to be in a house with you, a pet that requires a human close by, a joyful playmate who can deal with being crated or kenneled sometimes, yet requires human contact to be happy and sociable. The pros of your furry dog outweigh shedding realities. You are ready to share your home with Rottweilers and you understand about all the imperfections of these dogs.

There is no doubt that an actor like Will Smith resonates with this dog breed, since he is a leader of the pack in the showbiz industry and renowned for being a charmer. If your personality resonates with those mentioned traits above, you might want to own a Rottweiler as your family dog. These dogs can be a great addition to your growing family.

Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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Rottweilers: A True Family Dog
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