How to Treat Fleas on Puppies

Fleas can be a serious nuisance. These small blood-sucking parasites can irritate your canine and infest your house, usually way before you even realize that they have decided to move in to your home. When you or your puppy starts to scratch your head, and you are wondering how to kill fleas, there’s no need to worry.

Here are several steps you can take to finally say goodbye to these unwelcome freeloaders.

Make Yourself Familiar with the Life Cycle of Fleas

The very first step in killing fleas on puppies is to understand your enemy. Fleas undergo a total of four stages in their life cycle, namely egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

fleasAdults live and thrive on animals such as dogs where they can lay their eggs. The eggs can then spread all over your yard and house whenever your dog shakes, lies down, or scratches. The eggs will then hatch into larvae, particularly for fleas living in the comforts of your bed, sofa, or carpet. These larvae can then form cocoons during pupa stage wherein they hatch to become adults which can infest the animal hosts.

It is a must to know this since every flea product treats different stages of the life cycle. See to it that you read first the label then follow the instructions before use.

Treatment and Prevention

Prevention is always the most ideal way to deal with fleas. Tick and flea preventatives kill fleas which can come into contact with your canine, which can prevent your pooch from bringing them to your house in the first place. You have several choices out there, from pills and liquid applicants to flea collars. Discuss with your vet the flea preventative which suits your pet best.

If your canine already got fleas, such preventatives can kill them. However, you still to make more aggressive actions such as prescription preventative. It is also possible to use a fast-acting chemical treatment or flea shampoo like a pill which can kill fleas on your canine in a matter of hours.

Eliminate Fleas from Your House

Killing those fleas on your pet is only one aspect of the issue. It is a must to get those fleas out of your house. It often needs patience. Most of the time, it can take 3 to 4 months to remove this infestation since it can take this long for all fleas in your house to complete their life cycle. Below are the steps you can take to eliminate fleas in your house:

  • Use soapy and hot water to wash all your bedding.
  • Vacuum hardwood floors, carpets, tile floors, and linoleum, and get rid of the vacuum bag.
  • Select and apply environmental flea control such as Methopresen or get the help of local exterminator.
  • Pick and apply a pellet, spray, or non-toxic treatment in your yard.
  • Don’t stop treating your puppy and other pets using a monthly preventative.

Work With Your Vet

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If still in doubt, you can always talk to the expert. You can ask your vet on how to treat fleas on puppies as Vets stay updated with the latest flea preventatives and treatments. He can also help you find the safest and best treatment choice for your dog.

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