How to Stop Food Aggression in Dogs

Before you try to stop food aggression in dogs, you should find out in the first places what food aggression is, the degree of food aggression and characteristics of the same.

Therefore, food aggression can be a form of guarding resources in a way that will make the dog become really defensive when eating to keep others away. The behavior of food aggression can be approached in three degrees that range from mild, moderate and finally severe.

Mild is characterized by dog growls and howling of its teeth, moderate aggression takes on snaps and lunges should the dog be approached while severe graduates the dog to biting.

Why food aggression in Dogs?

  • A form of dominance
  • Sign of anxiety or fearfulness

What to do on recognizing food aggression in dogs

For a starter, you should asses the overall behavior in a way that shows you the extent of the character of possessiveness. For instance, is the behavior being portrayed in the occasions of the provision of food or does it extend to other things like resting spots, favorite toys or even people in the park? The assessment of the dogs’ behavior should show you if the dog is a dominant or fearful kind. If it’s dominant, assert yourself as the leader and if it’s fearful, find a way to build up its courage.

The degree of the dogs’ aggression should also be assessed. If it is severe, consult a professional until it gets manageable.

Techniques to use in stopping food aggression in dogs

Consistent food provision

Give your dog enough food

Ensure that food is provided consistently should the source of dogs’ aggression be based on fear or anxiety on when the next meal will be served. Dogs have very sharp instincts when it comes to timing for example, time to get up or go for a walk. Meal time should not be any different

Cultivate the culture of eating manners

Have a way, place and manner in which the dog should eat from. Train her on how to eat while lying or sitting, to stay calm when the food-bowl is being set down and how to approach that food. Feed the dog always after walks to fulfill the instinct of hunting and to avoid life threats to it.

Cultivate the culture of pack leader

In this regard, the leaders are the humans and therefore food should not be served to the dogs when or before they eat.  Pack leaders always eat first

Bowl winning as a game

From this point, whenever you back away and allow the dog to attack the food, it is counted as a win to them. Train your dog to allow you close when they are eating to minimize the win the bowl game that may lead to aggression.


Food aggression is a factor that you should look into when you have the desire to breed a dog. If well trained in matters of the latter, a dog will be your best reliable friend, if ignored then you just created yourself a stay at home enemy.

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