How to Keep Dog From Pulling on Leash

We all have that relative, rival or friend with leash wielding expert skills and walk their dog effortlessly. Their dog isn’t pulling them down the road or caught around trees leash tangled up with another dog walking around the neighborhood.

I don’t know if you are always caught in your feelings like I used to silently envying the skills of this person whose pet walks downstream without a hustle.

Needless to say, exceptional leash walking prowess is not only in a conundrum of portraying your dog-parenting talents. When your dog walks perfectly on a leash, then it means that it is giving you all the attention hence making it possible for you to provide guidance and direction that is required during your walk.

It is very imperative to teach your dog not to pull you on the leash for it can cause problems for your dog. Not forgetting you could also trip off and fall which is not a pleasant experience to go through. Having monitored leash manners helps in avoiding the risk of being pulled over while embroiled in an overzealous leash yanking moment. This will create more time for walking rather than encroached in a leash pulling tug of war with your pet. The following enlisted ways to prevent dog from pulling on leash will take you more places with your dog because it is more fun and comfortable for the two of you.

Use a proper leash and collar

If you intend to prevent dog from pulling on leash, the best way is to avoid retractable leash at all cost. Always check on your dog’s collar before using them. Make sure they are comfortable and perfect fit. The collar should be a little bit loose; tight collars are likely to choke your dog hence create the discomfort which leads them to be unsettled thus leading to the pulling while walking them.  Most people prefer a harness to a collar. The harness directs all the pressure to the dogs back instead of the neck that’s why I would recommend it for proper dog leash training. This makes it easier to train your pet by avoiding choking when it pulls you on the leash.

The tree technique, stop and be still

Standing still when your dog tries to pull you on the leash is a good start for the training. Never allow your dog to take control and allow it to go anywhere it pulls you. This is important because when you let your dog pull you to its direction teaches it that pulling is sufficient means to getting to where you are going. All you need to do is to remain firm and stand your ground until your dog stops pulling the leash. Repeat this many times as possible until your dog gets a grip on it.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

Reversing Direction

If you intend to perfect and expedite the leash walking technique, use the ‘reverse direction’ technique: when your dog pulls, make a turn and walk in the opposite direction. This will tell him “let’s go” – you can do this without even moving the leash. Apply an upbeat and excited vocal intuition to catch your dog’s attention. Push him to follow this command without coercion or yanking. Resume your walk the moment your dog starts following you while the leash is relaxed too –setting a precedent takes time, but it is worth the struggle. It all lies in your body language and voice tone to set this precedent. His brain will be set to knowing that when I walk by my owner’s side or walk on a loose leash, I can still get to where I am going.

Drain your dog’s energy before taking a walk

It has been believed that leash walking is not considered an exercise, according to most dog professionals. Furthermore, trying to engage your dog in leash training before your dog has had an exercise is a futile expedition. The simple reason is your dog is powered with a lot of dormant energy that will derail his focus – considering her or his extra energy, the placating scents, and mmm, he is a dog, he is overwhelmingly too distracted to grasp any new skills.  So what can you do to train your dog leash walking skills perfectly? All you need is to have appealing exercise routine before enacting on your daily walk. Go to the beach, backyard, or Local Park whenever you can to make sure your pooch walks can materialize on a proper training routine. A heavy game or other physical exercises like fetching Frisbee can expound your pooch energy. This will make your dog more complacent and follow your commands when you are ready for the leash training walk.

Enacting Impulse Control

As said earlier, dogs are very active and thus have massive impulses more so when you are outdoors lost in a mixture of auras and stimulations. Dogs are different from humans who have impulse control more so when your dog is still a puppy. It can create all the difference if you train it at a younger age.


Your primary goal is to prevent dog from pulling on leash by teaching your dog two things when it is stuck on pulling the leash: you will not tolerate pulling but will reward walking politely. If you are training an adult dog or a puppy that is responsive and submissive to your commands, you can apply the ‘no forward routine’ to pull. With time, your pup will get the grip that pulling can only slow him down rather than make things easy for him. Always reward your dog for improvement and good behavior.

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