How to Make a Dog Go to Sleep

Do you always struggle with your dog’s seemingly active state at night just when all you want is for him to go to his bed and get a good rest? First time dog owners could be at their wit’s end when they face this issue but it doesn’t really have to be this way.

The truth is that there are several things you can do to make your dog sleep peacefully and soundly at night.

Set a Solid Routine

Since dogs don’t have the ability of reading a clock, it is best that you establish a nightly routine which will convey that the house is going to wind down for the day, which means that he should also be doing the same. This routine could be anything you can think of. For instance, you can turn off the lights, put away his bones or toys, or go out for the last short walk for the day. You can also use the last several minutes before bed for a quick refresher of his training.

Get Your Furry Buddy Tired

When your pet isn’t getting regular real exercise, you can do something simple. See to it your pet is tired once evening comes. You can play fetch at the park, go for a run, or let him play around another active dog at your own secure yard or the local dog park. Just see to it he expends all those energies.

Mental games can also help your dog get a better sleep. The easiest game you can do is a simple version of hide and seek where you can hide several small treats in the yard or around the house and let Fido look for them. You can start with several treats in easy to find places or plain view so he will get a good idea of what the game is. After that, you can put treats in places that are harder to find. Hiding more treats will make him spend a longer time looking for them, thus feeling tired in the end.

Sleep Time is Cozy Time

When you are dealing with a puppy, he could feel more comfortable if he sleeps in is crate at night. Sleeping in a crate can make both puppies and even adult dogs feel more secure. Crates can keep puppies from crying at night. Adult dogs and older puppies can transition to using his own dog bed when sleeping or on your bed after they are housebroken.

Other Useful Tips

For your pet to have a sound sleep every night, it is a must that he associates his sleeping quarters with several positive things. When your pooch gets easily awakened by random noises coming from outdoors or feels scared at night, you can leave a TV or radio on. However, make sure that the sound is not too loud, violent, or bombastic. Fans or other electronics can also produce white noise that can help dogs sleep.

These are some of the things first time dog owners can do to make their dogs sleep at night.

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