How to Know If My Dog Is Pregnant

When you know that some changes in behavior and a protruding belly indicate a pregnant dog.

But, did you know that there are still other signs that will let you know that your pet is pregnant?

Whether you accidentally let your pet out during heat and you are worried that she came into contact with a male, or you intentionally breed your pet, it is a must that you learn how to tell if your canine is pregnant at the soonest time possible.

Aside from being familiar with early pregnancy signs, it is best to educate yourself about the best way of caring for your pregnant pooch once you determined it is the case. From plenty of rest, to moderate exercise, and a healthy diet, there are many things you can do to ensure that your pet will have a smooth pregnancy.

Before diving into the different pregnancy signs, it is a must to remember that the gestation period of a female dog is just around two months. Most canines are pregnant from around 58 to 66 days. Since they have a short pregnancy term, it is easy for owners not to notice the early pregnancy signs. It is why it is encouraged that you pay extra attention to the habits, physical attributes, and behavioral patterns of your dog. When you do so, you can have better chances of catching your pet’s pregnancy early on. In turn, it will provide your pregnant canine with all the care and love she deserves.


Early Signs of Dog Pregnancy

Here are a few of the early signs which indicate that your pet is pregnant.

  • Increase appetite – Just like humans, most pregnant dogs can experience increased appetite as soon as they get pregnant.
  • Decreased appetite – It is among the first signs that you have a pregnant dog. There are canines that eat less during the first several weeks of gestation. They then make up for it later on in their pregnancy.
  • Decreased energy – It is just normal for pregnant canines to be a bit less rambunctious or energetic. Just like humans, pregnant canines can also experience in change in hormones and feelings of exhaustion.
  • Change in color of nipples – Once a dog gets pregnant, you are going to notice changes in nipple color, especially those closest to the hind legs of your dog. They often appear pinker and more flushed compared than usual during their pregnancy period.
  • Swollen nipples – It is probably among the easiest pregnancy signs you can spot. When you notice an unbred female’s nipples, you will note that they are often really small, with a flat area around them. Once a dog gets pregnant, the spot under the nipple will start to develop, with the nipples looking swollen as the canine’s body prepares for eventual production of milk.
  • Changes in behavior – Most pregnant dogs show some changes in their behavior like excessive dependence on the owner and getting more affectionate than usual. Conversely, there are also pregnant dogs that would rather be alone and might even look depressed or grumpy.

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