Ways to Exercise Your Dog in Winter

Just the thought of going outside in the midst of a cold winter day to let your dog exercise is more than enough to give you the chills, literally.

Indeed, winters can freeze up your daily exercise routine with your pooch. However, skipping that regular exercise, even if snow is falling outside, is never a good option if you want your pet to be fit and healthy.

Regular exercise on a daily basis also happens to be among the most crucial cornerstones to maintain a healthy and strong relationship and camaraderie with your pup.

There are a lot of benefits associated with sticking to a healthy regular exercise regimen on a daily basis.

  • It keeps your dog strong and fit.
  • It serves as a great training aid.
  • It keeps you and your dog’s spirits up whether there is sleet or rain outside.
  • Most importantly, it helps you position yourself as the one in control of the relationship.

This is the reason why getting a good dose of exercise for your pet during winter, even when the weather doesn’t support your idea of a calming stroll outside, is never something you should take for granted.

To make things easier for you, here are some useful tips on how to exercise your canine in the winter which can help a lot in keeping your dog and yourself happy, healthy, and cozily warmed up during the coldest of days.

Walk or Run Outside

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No matter what else you think of trying, nothing can beat a nice brisk walk outside. All dogs need to step outside to relieve themselves or just wander around to check their territory every now and then. unless your pet is ill, or has a serious aversion to cold weather, never think twice of letting your dog get some exercise during winter with a daily walk.

There is also no need to follow a single pace. You can alternate between walking, running at some spaced out intervals, or jogging to warm up and break any monotony.

Play Hide and Seek or Tag

It is so much better to make your pooch warmed up quickly by playing around and keeping it occupied at the same time. Canines can learn playing tag quicker than you can imagine, and the running can be very fun not only for your dog but also for you.

Tag is also one of those games you can enjoy indoors when the weather outdoors is unsafe or too off-putting.

Hide and seek is also a wonderful game perfect for both outdoors and indoors. You can start with hiding pieces of treats in strategic locations and let your pooch run around to track and find them. This game can burn calories and stimulate hunting in such a way that can give your dog utmost satisfaction.

Games of Fetch

You don’t to be to straightforward when you play fetch. You can mix in tricks and feints for your pooch to stay on his toes. You can also race with your dog to fetch a toy to make it more competitive. If your dog senses competition, you can guarantee that he will play hard and get lots of exercises. Another good variation is working on the fetch game in your own exercises or stretching. While you are doing sit-ups or stretching, throw the ball. To keep things interesting, you can fake a throw.

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Make Use of Stairs

If your home has a staircase with enough steps to work up your sweat in several trips down and up them, it can be a good way to exercise your dog during winter. If you think your dog can be bored easily with repetitions, try varying the pace at which you descend or climb to make it into a kind of game. Your dog might enjoy it.

Sign Up Your Dog for a Class

Another good option is to get your dog in an agility class or swimming class. These are the programs that are made to get your dog lots of supervised exercises and interact and meet with some dogs in the class, enabling them to enjoy a great experience.

Use Any Exercise Equipment

There are also exercise equipment made available and designed for dogs. Treadmill is one of the most popular. The only problem is that dogs feel unease at the start and would require getting used to. Train dogs to be at ease through the use of slow pace and encouraging them with some treats. If it gets the hang of your equipment, you may vary the pace when getting good exercise for dogs in winter season when it is very cold to walk outside.


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Skijoring is  a great exercise that’s catching these days and definitely the most exhaustive among the different ways on how to exercise a dog in winter. If you are living in a place, which transforms into a ski course when it snows and have huge dog that does not mind mucking in the snow, this could promise great exercise and lots of fun. Basically, it combines dog-sledding and cross-country skiing where the harness of your dog is linked to yours.

If your dog enjoys running and capable of pulling you on your skis, you can make most of the climate through zooming across any snowy landscape. Your dog doesn’t have to be trained in a tough way. Sometimes, combining it with a bit of fun can make a huge difference. Just make sure to find a ski resort or place that is pet-friendly and safe for your dogs. It would be a good idea if you will research first about a place before you head straight to it without having any clue about the things you should take for consideration to enjoy the moment with your dog.


There are other things you can do to exercise your dog during winter season. If you want to know how to exercise your dog in the winter, follow those tips above and try experimenting with other tricks by asking around some dog owners.

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