Basic Dog Training For New Dog

Basic Dog Training For New Dog Owners

So you’ve decided to train your dog? What do you do? Are you a first time dog owner? If so, then what do you do? In the event that you've never had a canine, the entire...
How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

How to Keep Dog From Pulling on Leash

We all have that relative, rival or friend with leash wielding expert skills and walk their dog effortlessly. Their dog isn't pulling them down the road or caught around trees leash tangled up with...
easiest dog breed to house train

Easiest Dog Breed to House Train

Dogs can also be trained to use target areas. An area of target is basically a small area in your yard that you will want the dog to always do their elimination from. This...
Socialize Your Aggressive Dog

How to Socialize Your Aggressive Dog

Most dogs born in the wild are brought up in packs. Through interacting with canines, learning body language and learning of the verbal cues a dog starts getting associated with humans. In cases of...
How to Calm Down a Barking Dog

How to Calm Down a Barking Dog

Dogs bark for many different reasons. It is most important to understand the reasons behind their barking before trying to calm them down. A dog can bark to solicit play, to get your attention,...
Benefits of Dog Training

What are the Benefits of Dog Training?

Having a dog can bring great comfort, love and joy to our lives.  However, a dog with good behavior is an exciting company to have as compared to one which is obstreperous, rambunctious and...
How to Stop Food Aggression in Dogs

How to Stop Food Aggression in Dogs

Before you try to stop food aggression in dogs, you should find out in the first places what food aggression is, the degree of food aggression and characteristics of the same. Therefore, food aggression can...
Reasons Why Dogs Become Aggressive

7 Reasons Why Dogs Become Aggressive

Aggression is a typical behavior in animals and human beings. People react to stimuli in the environment and would behave in a certain way if they feel their life or property is threatened. In...
How Does Clicker Training Work

How Does Clicker Training Work?

Behaviors that are rewarded will always continue, that is why clicker training is highly effective in dogs. The goodness of the clicker is that dogs, like other animals, learn by association. When your dog...
Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

A dog wags his tail to communicate. He can’t wag his tail when he is alone, just like you cannot talk when you are alone, but does so to pass a message to living...

Why Do Dogs Like to Play Fetch?

Playing fetch with your dogs a widely done activity among humans with the patience and dedication of taming and petting dogs. Fetching is one of those activities that you have with your dog as an...

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