Thing You Can Do At Home for Your Dog Hygiene

Pet owners know that their dogs need attention, shelter, water, and food, yet what about their own hygiene? Well, pets have hygiene needs that are similar to humans and most regimens may be done at home. Below are the things you can do at home for your dog hygiene.

Bath Time

Giving your dog a regular bath will help get rid of the dirt that may result in bad odor. In many cases, never use your shampoo on your dogs. Majority of human shampoos contain ingredients that could cause hair loss, dry or itchy skin, rashes, hair loss, and inflame skin once used on animals. Always use shampoos that were made for the kind of pet you have. After a bath, check the ears of your pet. If there’s buildup of wax or any unpleasant odor, you may use an ear cleaner and a cotton ball that are made for your pets.

How frequent you bathe your pet will depend on the situation. If your dogs get muddy, they need a bath or must be rinsed off quickly. However, if your dog is not dirty, a bath once every two or three weeks must suffice, except during dry climates. Generally, short-haired dogs do not need a bath often. But, there are times that dogs may smell something unpleasant that would require you to give them a bath to make them smell good.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Many pet owners do not brush the teeth of their pets as frequent as they must, yet according to an expert, brushing is crucial. The teeth of your pet may accumulate tartar like humans and buildup of tartar may cause severe oral health issues including tooth loss, tooth decay or gum disease. It may also cause heart disease. You may also try a diet on tartar control. Giving dogs a bone isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, bones may cause more issues than they solve. You will often see chipped and broken teeth from the bones and toys that are very hard.

Regular Brushing of Your Dog’s Fur

Regular brushing of your dog’s fur will help you maintain its healthy coat, promote blood circulation for healthier skin, and get rid of the dead skin flakes. Long-haired dogs should be brushed daily to keep their fur from matting. Those that have short hair can be brushed several times a week. There are dogs that don’t like brushing and could be stressful for them. If it is the case, take your dog to the nearest pet clinic and get some help from a vet to address this problem and keep your dog happy.

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Trim the nails of your pets at least every month depending on the nail’s growth rate to keep your dog comfortable and prevent nails from curling back and growing into his paw pad. When you are clipping your dog’s nails, be careful not to cut a small pink vein, which is renowned as the quick that runs through the nails of the animals. Once you cut the vein, it’ll bleed and could cause pain to your dog. Therefore, it is important to use proper clippers for the size of your pet and cut the quick well. Have flour or styptic powder on hand in case you accidentally graze the vein. Once you do, try applying powder to your dog’s nail to stop bleeding, yet you have to be cautious as it can be painful. In order for you to keep your dog’s nails down, regular walks can be of great help so you do not need to trim often.

Clean the Bed of Your Dog

cleaning your dog bed

Unless there is a used diaper lying in the corner of your home today, odds are the nastiest thing that you will find in your house is the bed of your dog. The dog’s bed is actually a home for germs, allergens, ticks, and fleas. You may bathe your dog as much as you like, yet if their bed is a bit dirty, so is your pet. The best way to keep the bed of your dog clean is through buying a dog bed that has a removable fabric cover, which may be taken off and thrown into your washing machine twice every month. If you have dogs that shed, the dog bed must be vacuumed at least once every week. Your dogs might not like cleanliness, yet their hygiene and your house will surely thank you for it.

Clean the Toys of Your Dog

The cleanliness of the toys of your dog is crucial as these frequently go in the mouth of your dog. Cleaning toys with cleaning sprays and disinfectants might harm or poison your dog. According to experts, it is recommended to use a water-diluted bleach when cleaning non-soft toys. If you want a green solution, it is suggested to soak toys in half vinegar and half water solution for thirty minutes. Regardless of the concoction you use, take note to wash toys once a month for a great and safe playing.

Clean the Harness, Leash or Collar of Your Dog

Dog owners will know that collars may smell funky after used for several times. After giving your dog a bath and cleaning their bed, it does not make sense to slap dirty collars on them. Collars do not have to be washed. However, as soon as it begins to smell or be black or brown, it is a great idea to toss it in washing machine with several pet-friendly detergents. A fast way to clean collars is through soaking it in a bowl of a dog shampoo and hot water. Do a complete rinse with cold water and you are good to go.

Clean the Paws of Your Dog

The paws of your dog carry everything he steps in and it includes dust mites, molds, pollens, pesticides, and some pollutants. Since they do not get bathed daily, it is a great idea cleaning their paws once a month either with a rub down with wet cloth. If you have hairy dogs, never forget trimming and brushing the coat between their feet. Cleaning the paws of your dog on a regular basis will lessen his habit to lick and chew his paws.

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